Cyprus’s Refugees

Cyprus 2003-today  Since the Turkish invasion in Cyprus in 1974 and the opening of the checkpoints along the “Green Line” in April 2003, the refugees are having a liturgy at their churches in the occu...Read More

Another World

Romania Maramures 2007  Maramures is a region in northern Romania. It consists many villages, with inhabitants dealing more with agriculture and livestock. One visiting there would have the impression that time h...Read More


A photo album edition 2008  Cyprus 2003,04  With the Turkish invasion in July 1974 more than 250,000 Greek Cypriots were forced to flee their homes abandoning all their property and possessions. Turkey, tran...Read More

Return to the South

Cyprus 2003  Since the Turkish invasion on 1974 in Cyprus the island has been divided into two parts. On 23th of April 2003 the checkpoints opened and many Gypsies, fled to the South the non-occupied part, for be...Read More