1-Day Workshop



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You will have the opportunity to work closely with photographer Anikitos, through a series of challenges that will not simply make you more comfortable with your camera, but will also help you beat the fear of shooting on the street.

The workshop will also include guidance for photo editing.


For any inquiries of the workshop contact Anikitos through:

Instagram DM: @anikitos_photographer


Email: anikitos.photographer@gmail.com

Tel: +357 99 890683


Aims of the workshop:


  1. Understand your Camera Fully
  2. Get introduced to the rules of photography
  3. Find out how to break the rules
  4. Discover new sources of inspiration
  5. Beat the Fear of Shooting Candidly
  6. Get close to shooting stories
  7. Explore Street Themes



ONE DAY Street Photography Workshop




½ hour -> Meeting with each other and identifying our personal needs on street photography over coffee


1 hour -> Introduction to the basics of Street Photography (Theoretical Part)



2 ½ hours -> Practice on the Field with close guidance by Anikitos