Anikitos Hadjicharalambous was born in Limassol, Cyprus in 1966. He holds a degree in marketing from the Technical Educational Foundation of Athens and a diploma in Travel & Tourism from London City College.
A self-taught photographer, he began to photograph at a relatively advanced age, in his 30s. From 1998 until 2023, he worked as a cameraman for a TV Channel, in Cyprus, sparking his interest in photojournalism. Currently, he is a freelance photographer focusing primarily on documentary photography, drawing his subjects from the people's daily lives.
In 2000, he travelled to the Gaza Strip with the Doctors of the World - Cyprus during the Intifada. Additionally, with the same organization in 2003 he travelled to belligerent Iraq, in 2006 to the flooded areas of Romania, in 2008 in Sri Lanka to support the victims of the areas affected by the Tsunami. In 2009 in West Sumatra, Indonesia, as part of a mission with Volunteer Doctors – Cyprus for providing medical assistance to residents of earthquake victims and in August 2016 with the same Organization in Nairobi, Kenya to support the children on St. Clement Primary School in Riruta slum.
In 2001 he participated in a group exhibition entitled "Gaza, Land Under Shadows" as well as in the photographic journal published by the Doctors of the World - Cyprus under the same title. In September 2004 he presented his first solo exhibition entitled "Visitors in their Land" on the crossing over of Greek Cypriots to the occupied areas after the opening of check points on April 23, 2003. In November 2008 he issued his first personal photo album under the same title: "Visitors in their Land". Also, in 2018, after gaining an award, he created his second photo album called “Monologues and Quests”.
In November 2022, he produced his third personal photo album, "Above the Fences," depicting the life of his daughter Anna and her passion for horse riding. In April 2024, he showcased a solo exhibition titled "MARI" along with his fourth personal photographic album with the same title, focusing on the protest of Cypriot citizens over the deadly explosion at the naval base in Mari in July 2011. He has participated in and received awards in various competitions, and some of his work has been published in local magazines and newspapers.
Today, he continues to gather photographic material for his ongoing long-term projects.