Monologues and Quests

A photo album edition 2017     I never considered photography as a means to make a living, not until I turned 30 when I had the joyous opportunity to become introduced to it. From the beginning I sensed... Read More

Visitors in their Land

Cyprus 2003,04     With the Turkish invasion in July 1974 more than 250,000 Greek Cypriots were forced to flee their homes abandoning all their property and possessions. Turkey, transferring all the Tur... Read More

Cyprus’s Refugges

Cyprus 2003-today     Since the Turkish invasion in Cyprus in 1974 and the opening of the checkpoints along the “Green Line” in April 2003, the refugees are having a liturgy at their churche... Read More

Land Under Shadows

Gaza Intifada 2000     I participated in a mission as volunteer photographer with the MdM of Cyprus (Medicins du monde) at the Gaza Strip in Palestine. There, at the town of Khan Younis i photographed l... Read More


Sri Lanka 2008     After the 2004 Tsunami, people in Sri Lanka are trying to rebuild new codes of reconciliation with the ocean. Many buildings and houses have been destroyed by the Tsunami and more tha... Read More

Another World

Romania Maramures 2007     Maramures is a region in northern Romania. It consists many villages, with inhabitants dealing more with agriculture and livestock. One visiting there would have the impressio... Read More

Above the Fences: A photostory of my daughter Anna

Cyprus 2012-16     My attempt has been to outline my beloved daughter Anna’s life in the field she dedicates most of her time; horse riding. Browsing my archives, I realized I had several good pictures ... Read More

Shadows of War

Iraq Baghdad 2003     The consequences of the American invasion in Iraq were proved to be especially tough for its citizens. Millions of homeless people had been forced to look for temporary shelter in ... Read More


Indonesia West Sumatra 2009     I had taken part in a mission with Volunteer Doctors – Cyprus for providing medical assistance to residents of the earthquake victims. Around 250,000 families (1,250,000 ... Read More

Return to the South

Cyprus 2003     Since the Turkish invasion on 1974 in Cyprus the island has been divided into two parts. On 23th of April 2003 the checkpoints opened and many Gypsies, fled to the South the non-occupied... Read More